Understanding the Easy Ice Subscription Agreement

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Easy Ice Subscription Agreement - Made Crystal Clear

Here at Easy Ice, we believe providing ice to customers and employees should be simple. Reading the Easy Ice Subscription Agreement should be simple too, which is why we’ve included it below.

Our subscription agreement identifies the following:

    • Contract terms
    • The services we perform
    • Your obligations for taking care of the ice cube maker and bin
    • What circumstances would cause us to charge一个dditional fees
    • How to terminate your Easy Ice Subscription
    • What happens when you miss payments

    Ice Cube Maker
    • Contract Terms

      Our lineHoshizaki一个ndManitowoc ice makersubscriptions offer great options to fit any business need, and every contract is unique. If you have any questions regarding your contract, including start dates, types of equipment, setup, or your monthly fees, give us a call at 866-easyice. We'll be happy to go over it with you.

    • Our Responsibilities

      We deal with the responsibilities of owning an一个utomatic ice machine,so you don't have to. Our standard program includes:

      • 2 full cleanings, sanitizing, and preventive maintenance visits per year.
      • Our expert technicians perform allice maker repairsice machine repairs. We do not allow customers to perform repairs on equipment. We cover 99% of the repairs under the subscription. We've explained the exceptions to our coverage in sections 3 and 4.
      • Breakdown Ice if your ice machine breaks down under normal conditions. We will have ice delivered to you whenever possible. If we can't get out to you (due to timing, geographical, or quantity issues) we will reimburse you for any ice you purchase. The only time we will not provide Breakdown Ice is if the malfunction is caused by failure to meet any of the responsibilities below.

    • Your Responsibilities

      We take our responsibilities very seriously, and we expect our customers to do the same. As an Easy Ice customer, we ask you to provide the following:

      • Ideal Airflow and Temperature—Ice machines must be kept in a room with properventilation一个nd an air temperature of 45-95 degrees Fahrenheit. If an ice cube maker overheats orfreezes upbecause of temperature, you are responsible for Breakdown Ice costs.
      • Proper Water Supply—You are responsible for providing a reliable supply of water to a valve within 6’ of the ice machine. This means water must remain at an acceptable temperature and flow rate. Hot water or low water flow can cause the ice machine to fail. Should it fail due to any of these water issues, you are responsible for service and the cost of Breakdown Ice.
      • 足够的电气连接You must provide enough electricity to run the ice machine.In the event of the electrical interruption, you are responsible for the cost of Breakdown Ice. We recommend providing a separate electrical circuit for ice machines.
      • Acceptable Drainage—You must provide an accessible floor drain.
      • Treat Our Equipment Responsibly—Don't bang up the ice machine or stack items all over it. Clean the exterior of the ice machine according to the cleaning schedule provided. Customers are responsible for ice machine repairs if they directly cause damage to the equipment.

      Please see our page onWhat's Not Includedfor more information about customer responsibilities.

    • Additional Charges

      The following scenarios can result in additional charges, where the customer is billed for the technician's visit to their location:

      • The cause was not an issue with the一个utomatic ice machine
      • False Alarm – the machine is working fine, but can't keep up with a customer's ice usage
      • Damage caused by the customer

    • Cancelling Your Easy Ice Subscription

      We have a no-hassle cancellation policy for subscriptions without a contracted time commitment. Just give us 30 days' notice and we will schedule a time to pick up the machine. If you are unable to give us the full 30 days, you are still financially responsible for a 30-day notice.

    • Failure to Pay

      This is our least favorite clause, but occasionally we do have to reclaim our equipment from customers who fail to make their payments. Customers who miss a payment will be assessed a late payment fee. We will attempt to establish a new method of payment if a customer misses a second payment. Easy Ice reserves the right to reclaim our ice cube maker from customers who demonstrate an unreliable payment history.

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