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The new ECI 63 modular system

  • May 14, 2019
  • Product News

New modular system for individually compiled drive systems with type of protection IP54.

Modern miniature drives for automation, laboratory, medical or packaging technology often have to perform highly individual tasks. A new approach when building drive systems equipped for a specific application has been developed by the drive system experts at ebm-papst St. Georgen. Individual modular subgroups can be configured and assembled to form a drive system according to a requirements profile specified by the user. The finished drive system is characterised by its straightforward and intelligent joining technology, and corresponds to type of protection IP54. Different basic motors, types of drive, encoders, absolute value transmitters, spring-loaded and permanent-magnet brakes and electronics modules ranging from simple commutation electronics to autonomous controls with CANopen interface are available. The first motor option available is the version ECI 63 with best values for rated output of up to 400 W and 1000 mNm plus an motor efficiency of almost 90% with just 63 mm diameter. Further motors with 32 to 80 mm diameter are set to follow, all designed according to the same modular principle. All drive systems use the CANopen interface and run with the same operating and programming software.