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Lifetime is limited by the various components in the drive. If frequently overloaded, the gearhead components are subjected to more wear than under nominal load. In the case of commutator motors, these are the collectors and (carbon) brushes, and in the case of induction motors the bearings of the shaft. Extreme ambient and operating conditions cause a reduction in the lifetime guaranteed for operation under operating ratio cB = 1.

For all gearheads from the standard modular system, i.e. Compactline, Performax und EtaCrown® gearheads, this is 5,000 hours (at operating ratio cB = 1), 3,000 hours in the case of mechanically commutated DC motors based on the motor lifetime. 

The Noiseless Plus range is designed for a total lifetime of 10,000 hours (at operating ratio cB = 1). Short-term overload torque which can occur when starting the motor or due to impact loads, for example, may be up to 2.5 times the maximum continuous output torque. For other loads and lifetimes please contact us.