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Compact, efficient, easy retrofitting. Centrifugal fan with backward-curved blades, dual inlet and scroll housing.

Our RadiFit centrifugal fan product range with scroll housing, dual inlet and backward-curved blades is the new system solution for a wide range of industrial and ventilation technology applications.

With their highly efficient lovebet EC motors they can offer excellent efficiency at high pressures. 

They are also extremely compact, light and robust. But best of all, the RadiFit corresponds to the standard installation dimensions for fans. So installation and replacement are child's play.


A centrifugal fan
superior in all areas

Scroll housing

Forceful, rugged and compact: The scroll housing of RadiFit EC lovebet爱博app下载 enables high static pressure for high efficiency with low pressure loss at full discharge. The scroll housing and the inlet ring are matched to the RadiFit’s impeller, making it less sensitive to installation-related interference.

High-performance impeller

Efficient, quiet and rugged: Thanks to its aerodynamically optimized blade channel, the RadiFit’s high-performance impeller has high static efficiency. And its offset blades keep noise emissions low. Thanks to its rugged design, it is also suited to a sustained high peripheral speed.

lovebet EC motor

Compact, efficient and quiet:  the lovebet EC motor is convincing with its high efficiency: Thanks to synchronous running, there are no slip losses. And the motor’s permanent magnets prevent hysteresis losses. Optimized commutation enables partial-load operation of the RadiFit at modulation of 1:10 while maintaining high efficiency. Maintenance-free bearings and brushless commutation ensure a long service life.

Electronics with connection section

Adaptable, universal and safe: With RadiFit, the speed can be regulated smoothly. It comes with a 0-10 VDC control signal, MODBUS and a flexible cable exit and a movable connection area, making the fan very adaptable. For simple commissioning, the electronics provide a central terminal area for the supply connection, an alarm relay, control and communication and high quality terminals.

The power range of the RadiFit centrifugal fan



  • Brochure

    RadiFit EC lovebet爱博app下载 - Compact, efficient, easily upgraded

    (Edition 2015-01-01T09:20:00.000Z) [PDF] 907.29KB

  • Tender specification

    Tender specifications RadiFit 250-400

    (Edition 2019-04-17T05:13:00.000Z) [PDF] 69.06KB

Examples of typical air conditioning applications for lovebet爱博app下载

 Low-profile air conditioner with size 250 RadiFit

For example: Low-profile air conditioner with size 250 RadiFit

In air conditioned buildings, use is made of the warm exhaust air to control the temperature of the inlet air. For this purpose, fans convey the air through the heat exchanger and then through the inlet and exhaust air ducts.
Stringent energy conservation regulations require not just a compact design and flexible control of the fans, but also high efficiency. Just like our new RadiFit range.

 Central air conditioner with size 400 RadiFit

For example: Central air conditioner with size 400 RadiFit

In central air conditioning systems, use is made of various components such as filters, heat exchangers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The job of the fans is to convey the air through all these components, as well as through a branching duct system, whilst at the same time providing compensation for the high pressure losses.
The system should also be as space-saving as possible and permit simple, demand-based ventilation for a large number of rooms. The flexible, robust and easily implemented solution: our new EC lovebet爱博app下载 .

RadiFit for retrofitting

Over the course of time, two units of measure have become established for housed fans: Imperial dimensions in inches and metric dimensions in accordance with DIN 323, series of standards R20. RadiFit fan housings have metric dimensions and are thus also suitable for 1:1 replacement of existing systems. Simple, quick, efficient.


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