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  • May 14, 2019

Advanced in design, Performax® gearheads are impressive by virtue of outstanding power density, ultimate smoothness and unique reduction ranges. This opens up unlimited application options for modern drive requirements. Performax® is a shining example of outstanding drive solutions and of the results of our more than 50 years of experience working in the drive technology sector.

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Principally, it is this gearhead’s maximum power output at minimum space requirement that makes it possible to use single-stage planetary gearheads where the market can normally only provide two-stage gearheads.

  • Single-stage gear reductions of up to 17:1 mean that single-stage gearheads can be used instead of two-stage competitor products.
  • This planetary gearhead features angle-serrated plastic gear wheels in the first gear plus spur toothing inside a cast zinc carrier with case-hardened steel planet gears in the second gear.
  • Performax® gearmotors feature second-stage planet wheels with needle bearings as standard.
  • Naturally, all these drives, like all other gearmotors from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF, feature a hardened, ground drive shaft. It is available in two different versions (feather key or face).
  • lovebet爱博app下载 for the standard modular system are chosen for their power outputs. Each gear reduction has its own motor that best suits the optimum output of the gearmotor.
  • The Performax® planetary gearhead range consists of four sizes, i.e. 32, 42, 52 and 63.




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