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The advantages at a glance:

Energy-saving NiQ motor
  • Enhanced efficiency lovebet EC motor
  • Suitable for use in areas with indirect foodstuffs contact (open vegetable display cases for example)
  • Long service life thanks to maintenance-free bearing system
  • Simple replacement of AC with EC
  • Mechanically compatible with earlier models

New features and design optimization make the NiQ super-economical

The new NiQ energy-saving motor combines all the assets of the iQ and iQ² motors with a new design – both inside and out. The development team was thus able to make the "next generation" even more efficient and, above all, more economical. And it is suitable for indirect contact with food.

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The NiQ is a completely new motor platform that currently provides three sizes with different levels of power. The modified design and intelligent material selection were not the only factors contributing to the NiQ's increased economic efficiency; pioneering production changes also played a role.

iQ² reverse on start

iQ² reverse on start.

The iQ² reverse on start automatically runs in reverse for a pre-programmed time on starting. This is an important function for refrigeration devices, as it blows the accumulated dust out of the heat exchanger of the condenser – to ensure constant high cooling capacity.

iQ² reverse on demand

iQ² reverse on demand.

With the iQ² reverse on demand, it is possible to define the time and duration of reverse operation as required. This means that the evaporator defrost cycle can be used to remove dust from the heat exchanger of the condenser for example.

iQ² two speeds

iQ² two speeds.

The particular feature of the iQ² two speeds is that it is supplied with two factory-programmed speed levels. This makes it possible to run the application in different day and night modes for even greater energy savings.




It’s All a Matter of TechNiQ - NiQ: Our latest generation of energy-saving motors

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