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Temperature variations

The temperature inside barns varies over the course of the day. The chart below compares the actual outdoor temperature to the temperature inside a barn with demand-based ventilation. The ideal temperature is shown as the target value. To maintain the health of the animals, it is very important to ventilate the barn optimally and compensate temperature variations. The speed control feature of EC fans makes this easy.


The advantages of fans from ebm-papst for livestock farming:


  • Precise adaptability: each impeller dimension from 50” to 60” can be adapted for your application with precision to the millimeter
  • Adjustability: thanks to EC technology GreenIntelligence
  • Greater efficiency: because the impeller is directly integrated into the external rotor motor
  • Longer service life: due to the zero-maintenance ball bearing and brushless commutation

EC technology instead of AC technology also offers you:

  • Energy savings and noise reduction in partial-load operation
  • Cutting-edge fan technology
  • Fan actuation via controller, which makes speed regulation possible

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  • Dimensions
  • Performance data
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