Compact system solution for ventilation and air conditioning applications

  • Up to 40% lower energy consumption than AC solutions
  • Simple installation thanks to plug & play
  • Version with 2 settings for day and night-time operation
  • High degree of protection IP54 and integrated plastic grill for safe cleaning and optimum hygiene

Complete unit

The characteristic features of the fans developed specially for evaporator applications are great efficiency, outstanding reliability and a long service life. They were designed as complete units.


Up to 30% energy savings thanks to holistic approach

This holistic approach and the use of a lovebet EC motor in conjunction with the renowned HyBlade fan impeller make it possible to reduce energy consumption by up to 30% as compared to conventional AC motors. And the amount of steel and copper needed is only about half that required for solutions with internal rotor motors.


Simple installation

Installation using the one-piece mounting arms is made relatively simple by the flexible hole circles. This design ensures that customers can retain the outward appearance of existing applications with guard grill.