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The energy-saving motor is the epitome of ecological efficiency

Their aerodynamically optimized plastic rotors make the energy-saving motors (ESM) even quieter, and the fact that they do not require painting means they are better for the environment too. With a figure of over 65%, the efficiency level attained by the energy-saving motors (ESM) is more than three times that of conventional shaded-pole motors.

In practice, it has often proven possible to reduce power consumption to less than one fifth of previously standard values - in the light of the fact that shaded-pole motors are not normally operated at maximum efficiency - so that energy-saving motors promise a rapid return on investment.

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Greater efficiency

A further factor in attaining greater efficiency is reduced self-heating during operation, which means that less heat has to be dissipated to the surrounding area. The energy-saving motors (ESM) are available with power outputs of between 5 W and 35 W, run on a 230 V or 115 V power supply and offer additional functions such as automatic night-time reduction to a second operating speed.

Air performance of K1G 250 and W1G 250

Air performance of K1G 250 and W1G 250



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    Energy-saving fans K1G 250 and W1G 250 - Ideal solutions for refrigerated display cases

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    Energy-saving fans with ESM, ACi and iQ/iQ² motor

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Speed programming of the energy-saving motor with the hand-held programmer unit

 Programming unit

This programming unit, designed specially for use in manufacturing or field service, has a user-friendly navigation menu that permits extremely simple re-programming of the two pre-set speed levels of the energy-saving fans. An automatic switch-off function ensures a longer battery service life. Software updates are easy to download with a mini-USB connector. Batteries, programming cable, and operating instructions are included in the scope of delivery.

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Together with the functions already provided in the energy-saving motor product range, these additional features permit demand-based control of the entire system and so further increase overall efficiency. The energy-saving fans are designed for long, maintenance-free operation. Depending on the ambient conditions, the service life is generally in excess of 60,000 hours. Thanks to the great energy savings, installation soon pays for itself, both in new devices and for retrofitting.


Plug-on interface module for the energy-saving fan (ESM+)

Plug-in energy saving fans

The plug-on interface module (ESM+) allows the quick and easy addition of a 0-10 VDC control input and a +10 V voltage output (10 V, max. 1.1 mA) to the energy-saving motor. The energy-saving motor can then provide a direct power supply, e.g. for an external pressure or temperature sensor - there is no need for an additional external power supply. The interface module ESM+ also supplies a tach signal for speed monitoring.

for 24 VDC low voltage

Energy-saving fan for 24 VDC low voltage

Energy-saving fans for 24 VDC low voltage are now available for applications with low-voltage LED lighting. This version of the ESM features an integrated 0-10 VDC control input for linear speed control and a tach signal for speed monitoring. No interface module is required for this.




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